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Arts & Creative Industries Subject Guide

This is the subject guide for the School of Arts & Creative Industries

Finding Journal & Encyclopaedia Articles

The best way to find journal articles is to try keyword searching in LibrarySearch using the Everything tab.  However, you may also want to try searching directly in some of the databases that contribute to LibrarySearch.  Here's a list of the best ones for the subject area.


Specialised music indexes 

We have non-current issue of these in print format, in Merchiston Library: 

  • RILM (Répertoire international de la littérature musicale)
    • covers mainly classical music.
    • we do not have a current subscription, but we have vols. 1-29, 1967-1995.
    • Indexes all the major music journals we take, and provides citation details for many other articles that you can try to locate in other libraries, or via document supply.
  • Music index
    • covers all music subjects.
    • we do not have a current subscription, but we have volumes for 1949-1997.

Other specialised music services exist, such as International Index to Music Periodicals. If you find you need access to these, or the current years of RILM or Music Index in the Honours years of your course, see the section on visiting other libraries. 

Edinburgh Central Library in George IV Bridge has a large music section, and should be visited before you consider requesting access to other academic libraries. They may be able to search their music indexes for you if you ask at the service desk. 

Edinburgh University Main Library, George Square, now incorporates the Reid Music Library collection: if you need to visit you should register first with Sconul Access to gain access. Staff, postgraduates and part-time students may be able to borrow some items, but please note that full-time Edinburgh Napier undergraduate students will not normally be allowed to borrow material from Edinburgh University Library unless you pay their external user fees. 

Finding Music in the Library

Is music harder to find than other subjects? Well, yes, it can be, and here's why!

CDs otten contain works by more than one composer, but can only be shelved in one place.  Music is international, and the same work can be equally well known by its title in several languages - e.g. The Marriage of Figaro / Le Nozze di Figaro / Die Hochzeit des Figaro.  Sometimes you can find what you want just by going to the shelf, but often this is not enough.

The best way to find anything in the library is to use LibrarySearch


Arrangement of stock

Our music collection is arranged according to format: 
Books, reference books, journals, videos and audiovisual kits are shelved alongside other subjects, but nearly everything to do with music will be found in the 780 range of classmark numbers. 

The main exceptions are: 

Music therapy 
Music industry 
Law relating to music


Finding types of music

We have separate sections for Scores, Miniature Scores and Oversize Scores. 

  • Miniature Scores are normally orchestral or choral works for study purposes, and will give you the complete work, with all the orchestral/choral parts. Some of them are surprisingly large!

  • Scores will generally be music that might be used for performance, so keyboard music, songs, music for one or two instruments and piano, vocal scores (no orchestral parts).

  • Oversize scores may be either!

We shelve our printed music and recordings in composer order, and then by the shelfmark, by popular request.



Each composer has been assigned a different number to make sure that their works stay together: 

for example, Schubert is SCH50, while Schumann is SCH80.

Each composer is further subdivided using the Dewey Decimal numbers, so that Beethoven's piano music is kept separate from his symphonies, for example. 

Any items that contain works by more than one composer will be found at the end of the section, using the number ZZZ50 to keep them together, and this section is also further subdivided by the Dewey Decimal classmarks. 

So. if the catalogue tells you that the CD of a Beethoven symphony is at Compact Discs 784.2184 BEE50 -

  • look in the Compact Discs section for Beethoven first

  • then look for 784.2184 within Beethoven.

  • the same goes for scores

We still have a small amount of printed music that is not yet on the catalogue: these items come at the end of the scores section, arranged alphabetically by composer.

Sound, images and video

Key Resources in Merchiston Library

Key Reference Books

Music stock is held in Merchiston Campus Library - for location information can be found in LIbrarySearch.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 

  • The new Oxford companion to music : a good one-volume encyclopaedia of classical music.

  • The encyclopedia of popular music : In eight volumes

  • The Garland encyclopedia of world music - 10 volume set

  • The new Grove dictionary of jazz : In two volumes

Directories and yearbooks 

  • British and International Music Yearbook​

    • Contains contact addresses for Associations, Artists, Agents, Venues, Promoters, Competitions and Scholarships, Summer Schools, Study abroad, Music Festivals, Orchestras, Opera Companies, Recording and Broadcasting, Education, Marketing, Fund-raising, Publishers, Retailers, Insurance, Copyright, and various other relevant services.

  • Music Education Yearbook​

    • Includes sections on Organisations, Resources for Teachers, Youth Performance, Examinations, Schools, Further and Higher Education, Teacher Training, International Study, Recreational and Part-time Courses, Jazz in Education, Suppliers and Services.

  • British Performing Arts Yearbook​

    • Contains information on Companies and Artists in the areas of Dance, Drama, Community, Puppets, Mixed media/Entertainment, Opera, Orchestras, Jazz and Light Music, Arts Festivals, Suppliers and Services, Education, Organisations, Venues.

Music history & anthologies 

  • Burkholder & Palisca - Norton anthology of Western music, 7th ed., 2014

  • Burkholder, Grout, Palisca - A History of Western Music, 9th ed., 2014​

    • These two works are inter-related, and there is a collection of recordings on CD to accompany them under Norton recorded anthology of Western music, 2014.

    • The individual works included are not searchable in our catalogue under author or title, but we have included them in a contents list, which means they will be found by doing an All items search

    • We also have some older editions of each book and set of recordings, which may contain different examples of music.

Recorded music

We have a large collection of CDs and DVDs on musical subjects that can be borrowed or viewed in the Campus Library. 

Internet Resources: a selection to explore

Internet gateways

WWW Sites of Interest to Musicologists - Site maintained by the American Musicological Society, with a huge and well-organised collection of links. 
University Music Departments with good collections of links

Sheet music

International Music Score Library Project - "IMSLP attempts to create a virtual library containing all public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge". This is a US site, and copyright laws are different there - inclusion in this site is not a guarantee that the music is out of copyright in the UK - composers and named editors have copyright for life plus 70 years, and there is also 25 year copyright in the print layout of the edition. 
Choral Public Domain Library - availalble via ChoralWiki - check that the music is also out of copyright in the UK.
Mutopia - a growing collection of free sheet music, either newly typeset editions of works by composers whose copyright has expired, or more recent works where the editor, arranger or composer has granted permission to download. 

Zinfonia  information direct from many of the world’s largest hire/rental and sale catalogues in one place.
Musicroom - the website of Music Sales Group, claims to be the world's largest online retailer of sheet music, tutor methods, instructional DVDs & videos, music software and instruments & accessories. 
Sheet Music Plus A large US online sheet music store. 
Sheet Music Warehouse "The Sheet Music Warehouse has tens of thousands of pieces of old, original and out of print sheetmusic" - based in the UK.

Score Exchange "Score Exchange is the largest online retailer of new sheet music from composers and arrangers all over the world. offers thousands of sheet music scores for download for every instrumentation imaginable - from solo pieces to works for full orchestra, from classical to pop."

Guitarnotes   - online shop of the Spanish Guitar Centre in Nottingham. " The Centre maintains one of the largest specialist selections of music for the classical guitar anywhere, with upwards of 10,000 titles in stock."

See also the Instruments and voices tab for other websites devoted to specific instruments or voices.

Boosey & Hawkes - The catalogue records include very useful scoring information 
Breitkopf & Härtel - The website includes their complete catalogue, with prices in Euros 
ChesterNovello - Part of the Music Sales Group of publishers. The records include orchestration and timings. 
Dover - Music Catalogues of Dover music books and scores, with prices. 
Alphonse Leduc - Includes publications from Heugel and Hamelle as well. Searchable catalogue with prices in Euros. UMP are their UK distributor. 
Hal Leonard online - Hal Leonard claimes to be the world's largest music print publisher - a good source for pop and rock as well as classical. They distribute music in the USA for other publishers, so their search facility includes the catalogs of G. Schirmer, Associated Music Publishers, Faber Music, Ricordi, Eschig, Salabert, Durand, Sikorski and others. 
Peters Edition Ltd - Access to their full catalogue, also composer information. 
Schott Musik International Includes brief biographies of Schott composers, and Schott printed music catalogue details with prices. Includes Eulenburg scores. 
Stainer & Bell Access to their full catalogue, with price details, and composer information. 
United Music Publishers Includes access to selections from their catalogue of British composers, with prices, and some links to French publishers, information on UMP composers. 
UE - Universal Edition The site includes biographical details about UE composers, with lists of works and music clips. 

NMA Online: Neue Mozart-Ausgabe: Digitized Version - Mozart's works in miniature score form, for personal study and for educational and classroom use. 

Classical music scene

BBC Radio 3 Schedules, review, factsheets and magazine-style information on composers and artists 

British Choirs on the Net Lists as many choirs of all varieties as they can find, and also has a section of useful links to related sites 
Classic FM Schedules, magazine-style features, and a listening-room, if you have the necessary software 
Association of British Orchestras Includes an orchestra directory, and general information about orchestras in the UK. 
UK Amateur Orchestras Looking for somewhere to play? Start here! 

Glasgow's Concert Halls 
Edinburgh Festivals 
National Youth Orchestras of Scotland

Computers and music

Keyboard: Online edition The magazine for music and computers. Selected articles from the magazine can be viewed online. 
Sound on Sound Hi-tech music recording magazine website, with some feature articles available online. Links to music industry sites Website for Cubase products, including news, interviews, tips and tricks, user forums 
Electronic Music Foundation "Electronic Music Foundation (EMF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of the role that electronic music, in its myriad forms and technologies, plays in our world". 

New Music World "Our mission is to provide creative, professional, and cultural resources worldwide for artists, organizations who present new music, and members of an interested public."

Composition resources

British Music Collection The British Music Collection is a remarkable resource consisting of scores and recordings from contemporary British composers. The majority of the collection dates from 1960 onwards, but it also encompasses material stretching back to 1900. 
Cadenza "Provides classical music resources and information for and about contemporary and classical music and musicians". This site seems to be popular with composers, although its content is wider than just composition and new music. Includes a database of concert programme notes 
Scottish Music Centre The Scottish Music Centre, (formerly SMIC) exists to document and promote Scottish music. At present the main focus is on contemporary classical music, but other types of music are increasingly represented. Includes information on composers, recordings, music for performance and a comprehensive concert diary. 
Sound and Music Sound and Music is the national agency for new music. Our vision is to create a world where new music and sound prospers, transforming lives, challenging expectations and celebrating the work of its creators.
Solomon's Music Theory & Composition Resources There are some potentially useful resources here, especially for anyone interested in 12-tone compositions and Music from Numbers 

Music dictionaries

Grove Music (in Oxford Music Online).  Grove music is much more than just a dictionary, being the electronic version of the complete printed text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd edition, It is probably the best place to look up musical terms, and see complete lists of composers' works. 
Solomon's Glossary of Technical Musical Terms Includes general musical terms, but the emphasis is on new music 
Music Company - music thesaurus This thesaurus was conceived as a resource for composers looking for a precise expressive term and groups music terms in several languages according to their English meaning. 

General music resources

Alexander Technique "The complete guide to the Alexander Technique" - lots of links to sources of information and electronic articles, some with diagrams 
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examination syllabuses, news, forum and publications. 
British Arts Festivals Association Information on festivals that are members of the association is a free service which aims to support musicians in every aspect of education and performance. Lots of links. 
British Association for Music Therapy Information on the Association, information about training, and links to international associations 
Medieval Music & Arts Foundation "The Medieval Music & Arts Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation organized in order to nourish understanding of medieval music and related subjects." Includes Early Music FAQ, with lots of links, and World Traditional Music section. 
Musicians and injuries This site reviews books and provides links to useful websites and articles, but the sources are very varied and care should be taken to evaluate any advice offered here. 
Music and Vision "An Internet music magazine in daily parts... topical features, interactive studies of music's development, reviews of live and recorded music, books and printed music, contributions from all kinds of people in music, some frivolity, and ideas that are specifically planned for internet conditions and facilities." The Site Seeing articles contain a lot of useful links 
Music Minus One Ready-made orchestral or chamber music accompaniments on CD to the solo literature for your instrument. This is a commercial site, so all the items are available for purchase only. You may also be able to find MIDI accomaniments if you look at the sites listed for your instrument/voice further down this Subject Guide. 
Music Theory Online The online journal of the Society for Music Theory. The journal articles are accessible free of charge 
The Musicians' Union Includes a Frequently Asked Questions section with advice on Bookings and Gigs, Copyright and Publishing, Getting Permission, and a links collection 
British Library Sound Entries for almost two-and-a-half million recordings held in the British Library Sound Archive. It is one of the largest catalogues of its kind anywhere in the world, covering both published and unpublished recordings in all genres, helping you to confirm the existence of recordings and compile lists and discographies. 
Teoría - Music theory web Includes articles about music, on-line music theory reference, music theory software, interactive exercises.


Many websites devoted to composers are written by enthusiasts and may contain surprisingly little information. 
The sites below have been selected because they seem to offer a little bit more - they are either "official" websites of living composers, contain links to a wide-range of related sites, or are closely related to our teaching. 

Careful evaluation is vital to determine the reliability of the information in each case! 

Bach Bibliography No longer being updated, but still useful for academic research
The Hector Berlioz website Created by two UK academics, a wide range of resources. 
John Cage Trust The John Cage Trust was established in 1993 as a not-for-profit institution whose mission is to gather together, organize, preserve, disseminate, and generally further the work of the late American composer, John Cage. 
MaxOpus - Peter Maxwell Davies Archived version of Peter Maxwell Davies' official website - biographical information, lists of works and recordings 
Edward Elgar Website of the Elgar Society, Elgar Birthplace and Elgar Foundation. 
Philip Glass The official Philip Glass website. Biography, music, gallery, community. 
George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) A page maintained by an enthusiast, but it contains a lot of information and useful links. 
International Kodály Society Includes articles and links to Kodaly organisations and institutions. 
John McLeod Biographical information, discography 
Internetional Gustav Mahler Society, Vienna Biographical details, list of works, memorials, links to other sites. 
Steve Reich Official website with biography, discography, complete list of works, articles, multimedia 
Arnold Schoenberg Center Biography, discography, catalogue of compositions, bibliographies, photo gallery, audio-visual materials, and many links. 
The Schubert Institute (UK Events, works, bibliography, articles and links. 
The DSCH Journal - dedicated to the life and music of Dmitri Shostakovich Web site of the journal devoted to Dmitri Shostakovich. Some older issues of the journal are available free of charge. 
Karlheinz Stockhausen Stockhausen's official website: includes photographs, reports of activities, interviews, details of courses, and Stockhausen Verlag's catalogues of videos, recordings and printed music. 
Richard Wagner Archive A useful site, maintained by a Finnish Wagner scholar. 
Kurt Weill Foundation for Music Biographical details of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya, lists of works and recordings, photographs 

Pop, rock and film music

AllMusic A US-based site, excellent for researching recorded music, down to individual track level, including recording credits and history. Search by Mood / Genre / Theme etc. 
ARTISTdirect Free Music Downloads, music videos, music and entertainment news, concert and album reviews, band biographies etc.
BBC Radio 1 Playlists, video, audio, listen live. 
BPI The British Phonographic Industry's website contains statistics and business and legal information concerning the music industry, as well as links to UK charts, and the BRIT awards. 
Harmony Central " is the leading Internet resource for musicians, supplying valuable information from news and product reviews, to classified ads and chatrooms". Contains sections on guitars, bass, effects, keyboards and synthesisers, drums and percussion, software, recording and MIDI. 
Institute of Popular Music Based at the University of Liverpool. The website contains information about their courses and research. 
International Association for the Study of Popular Music Information about the association, and links to journals, bibliographies, organisations, links to useful sites. 
Mi2N Music Industry News network The web site of NME: New Musical Express magazine, with news, reviews, features, artists, charts, email, interaction. 
Film music world US site aimed at professionals working in the industry and includes Film Music magazine, a film music broadcasting channel, news, events, magazine, network, FAQ, chatrooms. 


All About Jazz  "We exist to inform jazz fans and alert them to local shows. And while we're at it, we're improving audience attendance and building active jazz communities worldwide."
Big Bands Database   This site has copies of selected information extracted from The Big Bands Database created by [the late (1926-2008)] Murray L. Pfeffer, which used to be located at 
The World of Blues internet blues radio
British Blues Archive  jukebox, interviews, articles, etc.
The Gig Guide Listings of live music in Scotland 
Jamey Aebersold Jazz Inc. Jamey Aebersold's primary activity is publishing and selling jazz education materials, but the site includes a useful jazz handbook that can be downloaded free of charge. 
Jazz FM Listen to the live web broadcasts from this London-based radio station using Windows Media Player. 
Jazzwise  Webiste of Jazzwise, the UK's biggest selling jazz monthly and the leading English language jazz magazine in Europe. 


Musical Instrument Museums Edinburgh Information about the collections of historical musical instruments at Edinburgh University.


The Internet Bandsman An information resource for brass bands world-wide. 
Historic Brass Society Includes articles, interviews, reviews. 
International Trumpet Guild US-based. Journal articles index and links to trumpet websites worldwide, news from the trumpet world 
British Horn Society News, events, and a useful collection of links, including the International Horn Society 
British Trombone Society News, features, articles, pictures and an excellent collection of links 
ITEA Online The website of the International Tuba and Euphonium Association, formerly the Tubists' Universal Brotherhood Association. The product and services information is very US-orientated, but the links section contains websites worldwide 

Keyboard instruments 

British Institute of Organ Studies Activities of the Institute, events, journal contents and access to The National Pipe Organ Register, The British Organ Archive and the Directory of Organ-builders 
Piano World - All about pianos An American site, so the information about piano shops, tuners, and events is not much use, but there are interesting articles on piano action, piano pitch, how to buy a piano and lots of snippets of information 


Marc Zoutendijk Percussion Information The website of a Dutch professional percussionist. Information on techniques, composers' use of percussion, repertoire lists, index of percussion articles, and an extensive list of links. 
Drum Bum US-based, it looks as if it is just merchandise, but there is a link right at the top to a huge list of free online drum lessons. The Directory is useful too.
Percussive Arts Society US-based. The site is mostly devoted to society activities, but the resources section contains some workshop material for drummers, and links to other useful sites. 


London Cello Society Includes a good list of links to other organizations.  Mailing list and resources pages.
The Strad The site includes extracts from current and back issues of the magazine, and a links section to web pages of interest 
Violin Society of America Includes a few links to other organisations and violin makers 
International Society of Bassists Events, publications, pictures and links to useful double bass sites 
Guitar Foundation of America Lots of worldwide links, including flamenco, and lute-related pages 
The Lute Society UK society. A very comprehensive site, with images, registers of teachers and makers, for sale and wanted lists, events, and a very good set of links, which include downloadable sheet music and MIDI files 
American Harp Society See the link to The Harp Page for a good selection of links, but mostly US-based. 
The Clarsach Society Music for sale, harps to hire, teachers etc.


British Double Reed Society Society information, events, journal contents publications, and a good list of related web sites, including the International Double Reed Society 
British Flute Society Society information, events, and big list of useful web sites US site with a reasonable collection of useful links 
Society of Recorder Players UK-based. Society information, events, publications, related web sites 
Recorder Home Page A very comprehensive international collection of links 
Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain  News, events, Clarinet & Saxophone choirs.
The International Clarinet Association Information about the Association, highlights from their magazine, an anthology of clarinet articles.
The International Saxophone Home Page US based. Reviews, articles, interviews, and a large collection of links, including jazz resources. 


Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS)  Directory of singing teachers, events etc.
British Voice Association The British Voice Association provides a unique network of support and provision for performers and professional voice users.This includes advice on vocal technique, performance, technology and all aspects of vocal health and hygiene (both physical and emotional).
National Association of Choirs  " with the aim of promoting choral music across the UK."
ChoralNet - the Internet Center for Choral Music The official website of the International Federation for Choral Music. Has an extensive links section, including some useful sites for solo vocalists
Tonsil: The Ongoing Singing Liaison Group "Tonsil represents 17 organisations promoting choral singing across a wide variety of genres, supporting over 25,000 members choirs and over 500,000 singers, who each year perform to audiences totalling nearly 3 million"
Choral Public Domain Library "The Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) is an internet-based free sheet music site which specializes in choral music. Most of the scores are in the public domain, but a growing number of scores are newly composed." This is a USA site, so it cannot automatically be assumed that all of the works are also copyright-free in the UK.
Musical Theatre Network   "a membership organisation with a mission to create the environment that allows new musical theatre to flourish. The resources section includes a useful list of organizations."
Musical Theatre News  " provides the latest information and all you need to know about musicals which are playing or about to open in London's West End as well as full details of touring musicals in the UK." 
OperaGlass Includes libretti, source texts, performance histories, synopses, discographies, opera composers".  
Vocalist "the singers resource that helps you learn to sing!" 
The Singing Voice "for the purpose of helping high school teachers and students to understand how the human voice works, and how we can turn the voice into a powerful and well-develped vocal instrument." 
The LiederNet Archive "the world's largest reference archive of texts and translations of art songs and choral works."