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Arts & Creative Industries Subject Guide: Finding books in the library

This is the subject guide for the School of Arts & Creative Industries

Finding Books in the lIbrary

The best way to start is always to use LibrarySearch

  • Type a search term into the box to find e-books, online journal articles, online video, DVDs and more
    • to narrow your search down to books from your reading list select Books from the Format  options at the right
      • this will find printed books or e-books    (the result may say Multiple editions / versions) 
    • your can also narrow down your search by Format to :-
      • Articles (from journals & magazines)
      • Newspaper articles
      • Audio visual items
        • and a range of other things
      • you can remove these filters again at the top
  • Click on the titles to see more details for physical items: e.g. which campus, shelfmark‚Äč
    • to access online items click where it says View full text

Library materials relevant to Arts & Creative Industries are housed in Merchiston Campus Library. You can use any of the other campus libraries as well, or request to have most items from other campus libraries sent across to you - allow a couple of days for transfer of the item.   The  video below shows you how our shelfmarks work.

If you're looking for music items, that can sometimes be a little more tricky.  See our specialist help section on Finding music in the library.

Quick Guide to Arts & Creative Industries Shelfmarks in the Library

Books and audio-visual materials in the Campus Libraries are arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme. The Arts are classified in the 700s section of Dewey, and some broad subdivisions likely to be of interest to students of Design are listed below. 

For full information please consult LibrarySearch.


Motion picture journalism 070.18 
Television news 070.195 
Journalism 070.4 
Media (means of communication) 302.23 
Print media 302.232 
Communication aspects of motion pictures, radio, television 302.234 
Cultural aspects of television, radio, motion pictures 306.485 
Economic aspects of television 384.55 
Economic aspects of motion pictures 384.8 
Technical aspects of television 621.388 
Advertising by broadcast media 659.14 
Technological photography, including image processing 621.367 
Art (general) 700 
Planning 711 
Architecture 720 
Sculpture 730 
Drawing 740 
Industrial design 745 
Interior design 747 
Painting 750 
Graphic arts & printmaking 760 
Photography and photographs 770 
Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials 771 
Photographic processes 772-774 
Kinds of photography 778 
Motion-picture and television photography 778.5 
Colour photography 778.6 
Motion-picture and television photography 778.5 
Photography under special conditions 778.7 
Special effects and trick photography 778.8 
Photography of specific subjects 778.9 
Photographs 779 
Motion pictures, radio, television 791.4 
Motion pictures 791.43 
Radio 791.44 
Television 791.45 
Writing for television 808.225 
Screenplays 808.23