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Reference Management

Welcome to Mendeley

This guide focuses on Mendeley Reference Manager, as the latest version. 

One page refers to the legacy Mendeley Desktop software, and you can still currently use both. However, you are no longer be able to download the software as a new user. 

KNOWN ISSUES - Edinburgh Napier

When you are signing up to Mendeley, we recommend not using an Edinburgh Napier student email address. You may get an an error message that begins "It looks like you are trying to sign in using your institution’s Shibboleth account." To fix this issue you are advised to log into Mendeley Web and change the email address associated with your account to something that doesn't have your matriculation number in it, such as a personal email address. 
Please make sure you DON'T click on "sign in via your organization" -  you click on Create Free Account as an individual. See Set up Mendeley Reference Manager.

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley logoMendeley is freemium software which is available across a number of different platforms.

You can run Mendeley on your computer or laptop, and also access it from your web browser. Mendeley Reference Manager allows you to organise, collaborate and discover. Mendeley Cite is the citation plugin to cite as you write in Microsoft Word. 

Mendeley acts as a repository for your reference information. You add papers to your library by importing PDF files stored on your computer, or by retrieving them from other locations like Library databases such as EBSCO, ScienceDirect, Pubmed or PLOS. You can also create entries for items that you don’t have access to as PDFs by manually entering details. Materials you add to your library are then stored in the cloud, for you to retrieve wherever you need them.

It might be that you want to add a paper to your Library while using the campus Wi-Fi, and then cite it while writing your paper at home later that day. Mendeley allows you to retrieve the same resources with the same enhancements and annotations wherever you need them.

Overview Video

This video is a half hour introduction to the basics of Mendeley - including how to install Mendeley Reference Manager, import PDFs and references,  and insert references and a bibliography into a Word document. You can find faster quick start information using the options on the left or look for a live training session on our Training and Events Calendar.

Top Mendeley Features

1. Drag and drop PDFs. Add new entries to your library in just a few seconds. 

2. Get organised! Mendeley saves your references in the cloud, but you can also opt to download local copies.

3. Use it anywhere. Mendeley Reference Manager is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Mendeley Web functions on all major browsers.

4. Choose from one of 8000+ citation styles or create your own! Use the CSL Editor to explore and modify existing styles

5. Create a Private Group and collaborate with others by reading and annotating together. 

6. See what other people are reading. Browse Mendeley’s crowd-sourced research catalogue