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How to Install Endnote 20 on Your Desktop

On Campus

EndNote Desktop requires installation from the university network onto your university PC. All university PCs have access to the application. This includes the MS Word plug-in to allow insertion of citations from EndNote to Word. 

•    Download Endnote from the Apps Anywhere application on your university desktop.

Apps Anywhere logo on desktop    or      Apps Anywhere icon on Windows start up menu


 The initial loading of Endnote may take several minutes – be patient. 

Thereafter, access EndNote from the above route,

or from your computer’s Start Menu,

Red arrow pointing to Endnote logo in start menu





or via the Endnote toolbar within MS Word. 

Endnote 20 link on Word with red circle around text





Please note: you may need to restart your device for these changes to take effect.


Off campus

The methods for off campus access are:

1.    Download a copy of Endnote for your personal devices from the university’s Software Download Service.  There are separate downloads for Windows and Macs. 

If you are having difficulties installing the software, please check the compatibility of your device on the Endnote Website. 

Upon termination of study or employment, use of the software must cease at the end of the licensed period and all copies of the software must be uninstalled from all devices, including staff and student owned equipment.


2.     University staff can install their Endnote onto a managed laptop via the Software Centre

3.    Register for, and use Endnote Online from: My Endnote Web. This version operates at a much more basic level than Endnote Desktop.