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Reference Management


Mendeley logoSee instructions for how to install each part of Mendeley below, or view an overview in the half hour Introduction to Mendeley video.

1. Sign up for a Mendeley account and download Mendeley Reference Manager

Go to Mendeley Website and click Create a free account.

Then go to the Mendeley Reference Manager page and select Download now.
It should automatically show you the version that is best for your operating system.

Image of Mendeley Reference Manager front page

2. Install Mendeley Cite

Once you have downloaded and signed in to Mendeley Reference Manager, go to Tools > Install Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word.
This will take you to Microsoft App Source to download the plug-in for Microsoft Word.

Image of how to install Mendeley Cite

3. Download the Web Importer

From Mendeley Reference Manager, go to Tools > Install Mendeley Web Importer.

This is a browser extension that is available for Firefox or Chrome.

Image of how to install Mendeley Web Importer

ENU Managed Laptops

If you are on a managed laptop or University computer, you may not have admin rights to download software.
You can request new software using the Information Services Software Request Form.

If it is difficult for you to download software, you may want to try just using Mendeley Web in the browser, and seeing if that will work for you.

The key things that the downloaded Mendeley Reference Manager software gives you is the ability to use it offline and to export all your references.