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Reference Management

How to insert citations from your Endnote Library

Your EndNote Desktop installation includes the Cite While You Write (CWYW) ‘plug-in’, an extra MS Word tab for working with EndNote. Citations may be inserted into your document either from MS Word or from EndNote. This places references within your text and simultaneously constructs a reference list at the end of your document.

Open a Word document.  From MS Word, open Endnote using the Endnote option on the top toolbar The Endnote toolbar will display in Word. Choose the output style you want. 

Screenshot of Endnote 20 menu bar at the top of a Word Document




Close up image of  Insert Citation icon on Word toolbar






To insert a citation from inside Word, click on Insert Citation on the EndNote toolbar. Search your Endnote library for the correct reference by entering keywords or author names in the search box as illustrated below:


Screenshot of Endnote library in Word


•    To insert citations directly from Endnote, choose Go to Endnote
•    Highlight the reference(s) you wish to insert 
•    On the Endnote toolbar back in Word choose Insert Citation > Insert Selected Citation(s)

The citation is automatically added to Word. The very first citation you add may take a minute or so to complete as new files are being downloaded– be patient. Subsequent citations are instantaneous.
Your bibliography will be created simultaneously at the end of your Word document as you write.

Important notes:

  • Storing Word documents with EndNote cite-while-you-write (CWYW) references on OneDrive may result in a corrupted Word document that will be unusable. This is very rare but it can happen. 

    We strongly recommend that you store Word documents with EndNote field codes on your H Drive and back your documents up by emailing yourself a copy. 

  • On completion of your paper, references should always be checked for accuracy. Are they all in the format they should be? Do they look complete? Do the authors read correctly – especially institutional/corporate authors e.g. Scottish Government.