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Reference Management

Mendeley Cite logoMendeley Cite is the Microsoft Word add-in which allows you to automatically:

  • Add citations to your Word document.
  • Insert a bibliography.

Find it at Install Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word, and see instructions below.

Access Mendeley Cite

Once you have installed Mendeley Cite, open a Microsoft Word document and you'll find Mendeley Cite in the References tab or under Insert > My Add ins.

Image of Mendeley Cite add in

Add citations to your Microsoft Word document

Image of adding a Mendeley citationNow you can easily add references to any item in your Mendeley Library.

Put the cursor in your Word document where you want to add a citation.

Then click on the tick next to the article you want to reference, as in the image at the right, and select Insert Citation.


Edit a citation - Add page numbers or remove the author name

Image of pill-shaped icon to edit Mendeley citationYou can click on the little pill shape to edit the reference  - for example, if you have just written "Aron's ground breaking research shows that..", you'll want to include just the year (2018), rather than (Aron, 2018).

Insert a bibliography

After you have added some citations to your Word document, you can use Mendeley cite to create a bibliography of all the references you've cited.

Put the cursor in your Word document where you want the Bibliography to appear.
Then select More > Insert Bibliography.

Image of how to Insert Bibliography in Mendeley

Your "bibliography" will only list items cited in your document. See FAQs - How do I create a bibliography (not a reference list) using Mendeley?

Ready to submit? Removing the Mendeley links

It is good practice to "flatten" your document or remove the links to Mendeley before you submit your paper for assessment or publication.

Your Mendeley references and bibliography then become ordinary plain text in Word that can be edited as necessary.

See How do I remove the Mendeley code from a document in Mendeley Cite?