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Business School Library

Key databases for entrepreneurship


Aggregated academic journal database, with 1000's of full text titles available.  Covers all aspects of business and would be my first stop when looking for academic journal articles.


Database with over 7 million companies from the UK & Ireland.  Last 20 years account, where available, company reports, executive information.  Can also compare like companies by geographical location.


IBISWorld is a comprehensive industry and market research database which provides information and analysis on more than 700 industries within the UK only


Company information for global companies.  Like FAME you get financials, stock data, as well as industry overviews, bond data, some commodity information, government filings and country overviews.

Passport  GMID

Access to market research reports covering lots of different consumer markets in lots of different countries.  Country reports available too, covering business environment, consumer analysis etc.  As well as this, some company information and all sorts of economic, demographic and consumer statistics are also available.