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Business School Library: Legal Resources

Legal Databases

Journals, statutes and law reports can all be found electronically using a variety of databases which the Library subscribes to.

  • Westlaw : Search for case reports, legislation and Journal articles. Westlaw is perhaps the best electronic resource for legal information.

  • Lexis Library : Search for case reports, legislation and Journal articles.  Full text of the Stair Memorial Encyclopedia is also available via Lexis Library.

  • ABI/Inform : various academic journal articles on legal topics, e.g. international law, human rights, sports law etc

  • UK Parliamentary Papers 

Legal Referencing & Citations

Here is a link to the quick OSCOLA referencing guide.

Here is the full, in depth OSCOLA referencing guide


  • Scotland Legislation

    • The site aims to contain the full text of all Acts of the Scottish Parliament, the Explanatory Notes to the Acts of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Statutory Instruments. Hypertext links are also provided to the full text of all United Kingdom Acts of Parliament and United Kingdom Statutory Instruments which apply exclusively or primarily to Scotland. Key word searchable.

  • Acts of the UK Parliament

    • Full text public general Acts from 1996, local Acts from 1997. Original text only. Keyword searchable. See also Explanatory notes to public Acts From the first public Act of 1999 (with the exception of Appropriation, Consolidated Fund, Finance and Consolidation Acts)

  • UK Statutory Instruments

    • From 1997 onwards. (With effect from the first Draft Statutory Instrument published after 1 November 1997 all new Draft Statutory Instruments awaiting approval will also be published in full text form on the Internet. They will remain until such time as they are superseded by a Statutory Instrument or until they are withdrawn.)

  • Wales Legislation

  • Northern Ireland Legislation

European & International Law

European Union
International Law

Legal Abbreviations

When you see citations to Law Reports or legal journals, it isn't obvious what the publication being referred to is.  This site will translate the abbreviation for you so you know which publication to look for.

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations


Contains the full texts of all discussion papers and reports from September 2000 and details of current projects

Website of the Judiciary of Scotland containing, amongst other things, a glossary of Scottish legal terms.

OSCOLA Referencing

Finding Cases: Westlaw

Legislation on Westlaw

Lexis Library Overview