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Reading Lists

For tips, tricks, and tutorial information related to Reading Lists at Edinburgh Napier University.

An example of a Public Note, viewed from the Reading List main page.

Public Notes allow you to annotate items - adding context for readers, insight, discussion questions, or instructions for access. As the name suggests, everyone who can view your Reading List, can also view any Public Notes you create as part of that list. Public Notes are also displayed as part of the citation shown on the main page of your Reading Lists. To create a Public Note select the item you want to annotate, and under Public Note, click on Add Note. This will open a dialogue box for you to add your note.

An example of how to add a Public Note to an item in a Reading List.

Private Notes are similar, but are only visible to you - and can be used to note down your own thoughts about an item.

An example of a Discussion in a Reading List.The page for each item in your list also includes space for Discussion. You can use this to prompt students to talk about their thoughts on a particular item. Library can also use this field to list alternatives, or provide updates on availability and access.

You have the option to delete unwanted discussions at any time.

How to send instructions or questions to the Library about a Reading List item.You can send information to the Library about certain items on your Reading List. For example, if you want a physical item moved from another campus, additional copies to be purchase, or an item changed from standard loan, to seven-day loan. To use this feature, click on Send Note to Librarian. This will open a dialogue box where you can enter your request or question. The discussion thread is only visible to yourself, other Reading List owners and collaborators, and Library staff. 


Example of suggestions on a Reading List.

Students can suggest items for addition to Reading Lists - but only for lists that are connected to courses they are enrolled in. List Owners and List Collaborators can also make suggestions.

You can suggest any item in your Collection by clicking on Suggest This Item and selecting the appropriate Reading List. Suggestions appear on the right hand side of the Reading List page. You can approve suggestions, and add them to the Reading List, or delete them.







See our guides: Adding to My Collection and Suggesting Items