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Reading Lists

For tips, tricks, and tutorial information related to Reading Lists at Edinburgh Napier University.

The Library can see your list while you're working on it, but won't take any action until it has been sent to the library for review. This lets us know that you have finished working on the Reading List, and that we can go ahead with any purchases, digitisation, stock moves etc. To send a Reading List to the Library simply select Library Review.

Screenshot of Library Review button with red rectangle around it to highlight it

Publishing a list makes it visible to staff, students and guests. Any authenticated student can see the list and access some of its materials, copyright restrictions may apply. Guests (not a member of Edinburgh Napier staff or a matriculated Edinburgh Napier student) can see the list but access to materials is restricted.

N.B. Your list must be published if it is to be accessible via the Curriculum Management Environment for module approval purposes.

To publish your list go to the Reading list options and select Publish.

Publish option highlighted on drop down list