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Current Awareness

Ideas on how to keep up to date with current research.

BrowZine web version

BrowZine is a tool which can help you keep up to date with current research in your discipline.

Below are instructions on using the web version. (There’s also the BrowZine app version). 

Getting started

1. Use the BrowZine link in LibrarySearch

2. This link ( gives direct access to Edinburgh Napier’s holdings on or off campus.

3. If you google BrowZine, you will be asked to choose your library. If you choose another university library, you will be able to set up an account, but will be blocked when you try to access an article.

4. Search for a journal by title, subject or ISSN, or browse by subject area.

5. Select a journal

6. Add to My Bookshelf.

7. At this point you will be prompted to set up an account unless you already have one.

8. Once you have validated your account by clicking the email sent to you, the journal you selected will be added to the first available space on your bookshelf.

9. To move journals to other shelves or bookcases, click on the top right of the journal cover.

10. To move the selected journal to a space in the same bookcase:

a) Click the grey bar (containing the arrow) in your preferred location.

b) The journal will now be in your preferred location.

11. To move the journal to a different bookcase, repeat step 10 a) above. Then click on your preferred bookcase title, e.g. Sciences. Repeat step 10 a) above again.

12. To rename a bookcase or shelf:

a) Click the pencil icon

b) Make the change and click the tick to save.

13. The red bubbles (see 12 above) on the left of journal covers help you keep track of the number of unread (since you added the journal) articles within a journal.

14. Within a journal issue, unread articles are identified by blue bubbles.


Adding Articles to My Articles

1. Expand the article brief record to see more options.

2. Add the article to your general collection or create a new collection.

3. When you access the first article in a session, you’ll see the university login page, unless you are on campus.

4. The articles you have saved can be accessed from the My Articles link.

5. To Export article records, click Expand > Export Citation

6. Or to Share articles (you will need an existing account (or to create one) for the bibliographic/reference management software/social media platform you choose).