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Current Awareness

Ideas on how to keep up to date with current research.

BrowZine app

BrowZine is a tool which can help you keep up to date with current research in your discipline.

Below are instructions on using the app version. An app is available for Apple and Android devices, and for Amazon Kindle Fire. (There’s also the BrowZine web version). 

Getting started

1. Download the app from the App Store, Google play or the Amazon appstore. 

2. Choose your library. 

3. Log in with your university username and password.

4. Click into search box to reveal search by title/browse by subject options.

5. Search for known title.

6. Or browse by subject.

7. Select a title

8. Download the title to your bookshelf.

9. Select Continue.

10. Create an account or log into the one you created in the web version of BrowZine.

11. If prompted, choose whether to allow article alerts

12. Drag your chosen journal to an appropriate shelf

13. Touch edit and Touch into the Shelf Name space


14. Rename the shelf and touch Done.

15. To create a collection, click on the filing cabinet icon at the bottom of the app.

16. On the next screen, touch the + sign (top left) and give your new collection a name.

17. To add articles to your own personal collections, go back to My Bookshelf. Open a journal and choose an article. Swipe the filing cabinet icon next to the selected article to open your collections list.

18. Touch the appropriate collection to add the article to a collection. When you return to your collections, you will see that an article has been added to the collection you chose.


19. Click on the article and BrowZine will download the full text for offline reading if this is possible.



20. Red bubbles on a journal cover help you keep track of unread (since you added the journal) articles.

21. Within a journal issue, unread articles are identified by blue bubbles.