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Current Awareness

Ideas on how to keep up to date with current research.

BrowZine and LibrarySearch

BrowZine is great for helping you keep up to date with current research in your discipline. The good news is that it's also integrated into LibrarySeach.

When you search for journals or journal articles, you will see links to those journals which are included in BrowZine. You may also notice the colourful journal cover icons.

Please note: not all of Edinburgh Napier's journal subscriptions can be found in BrowZine.

Finding journals

1. Search for keywords or journal titles in Library Search.

2. Click on the View Journal Contents link and you will be taken to the BrowZine journal contents page. 

3. Browse other volumes and issues of the journal using the left-side menu.

Finding articles

1. When searching for journal articles, you will see that some search results have, in addition to the Full text available link, either a View Issue Contents link or a View Issue Contents and a Download PDF link.

2. The View Issue Contents link takes you to the article within the relevant journal issue so that you can explore other articles in the issue.

3. The Download PDF link, when available, allows you to download, with one click, the full text of the article (or conference abstract, review article etc.)