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Google Scholar

Citation Searching

Citation searching allows you to search to search for a specific journal article and see who else has cited it. This can be helpful if you have found a key article and want to see which other authors have cited it, or if you have published an article and want to see who is citing you.

1. Search for the item you are looking for. Results depends a lot on how the author name is entered. Try searching only the author's last name together with the main title in quotation marks.
‚Äč2. Click on "Cited by" under the record to see who has cited the item.

Image showing Cited by
Be aware that Google Scholar does not index all scholarly articles. It includes an array of sources in "cited by", including PowerPoints and Word documents.

If you find an item where the full text is not linked to from Google Scholar, or a site asks you to pay, check LibrarySearch for journals and journal articles which have been paid for by the Library.

Web of Science

See the Measure your Research Performance guide for more about citation searching and using Web of Science.

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