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Building Inclusive Reading Lists

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Inclusion

In this section you will find resources relating to various aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation inclusion. Resources include books, journals, blogs, podcasts, and websites. 


Cover image of Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

Published by: American Psychological Association

Country: United States

Closed Access 

Peer Reviewed

Holdings: Online from 2013

Cover image of Gender, Place, and Culture journal

Gender, Place, and Culture

Published by: Routledge

Country: United Kingdom

Closed Access

Peer Reviewed

Holdings: Online from 1997



Cover image of Transgender Health

Transgender Health

Published by: Mary Ann Liebert Inc.

Country: United States

Open Access

Peer Reviewed

Holdings: Online from 2016

Cover image of Sexuality Research and Social Policy journal

Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Published by: Springer New York

Country: United States

Closed Access

Peer Reviewed

Holdings: Online from 1997


Cover image of Gender & Society journal

Gender & Society

Published by: SAGE Publications Inc.

Country: United States

Closed Access

Peer Reviewed

Holdings: Online from 1987


Cover image of Gender Stories podcast

Gender Stories

In this podcast Alex Iantaffi, author of "How to Understand Your Gender: a practical guide for exploring who you are" will reflect on how gender impacts different areas of our lives, such as relationships, spirituality, parenting and more. 

Cover image of The Blurry Bits podcast

The Blurry Bits

A weekly podcast exploring masculinity, with all it's beautiful and brutal, complex nuances. Presented by Charlie Josephine and Rob Watt.


Cover image of One From the Vaults podcast

One From the Vaults

One From the Vaults, a trans history podcast by Morgan M Page. We bring you all the dirt, gossip, and glamour from trans history!


Cover image for Gender Reveal podcast

Gender Reveal

The Gender Reveal podcast explores the vast diversity of trans experiences through interviews with a wide array of trans, nonbinary and two-spirit people. Created by journalist and educator Tuck Woodstock, the show also serves as a free educational tool for anyone seeking to learn more about gender.

Cover image of en(gender)ed podcast


en(gender)ed features stories that explore the systems, practices, and policies that enable gender-based violence and oppression and the solutions to end it. We teach feminism and decolonize hearts and minds, one story at a time.




Introduction to Feminist and Social Justice Studies

A semester-long course for the Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice Studies program at McGill University that took place in 2021. The course is an introduction to the key concepts, issues, and modes of analysis in the interdisciplinary fields of feminist and social justice studies. Emphasis is on the intersections of gender, race, class, sex, sexuality, and nation in systems of power from historical and contemporary perspectives and the means for collectively transforming them.


LGBTQ&A was created in 2016 in order to document modern LGBTQ+ history — to get beyond transition and coming out stories, to get to know each person, their accomplishments, their failures, and how to they got to where they are today.

Visible Women with Caroline Criado Perez

A 12-part series investigating how we can fix the gender data gap — and build a world that works for everyone.