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Statistical Packages: Minitab

Different statistical analysis packages available at Edinburgh Napier University


Minitab logo.​Minitab is a statistics package that can be combined with additional tools to support the management Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. Because of the emphasis on descriptive statistics it is a popular tool in business studies, but Minitab is suitable for all disciplines. 

Minitab can be installed on staff and student machines by visiting AppsAnywhere.


Additional help, tutorials, and guidance on statistics is available from within the Minitab programme.

Help: A complete Help file is incorporated in Minitab, which provides you with instructions, examples with interpretations, overviews and detailed explanations, troubleshooting tips, formulas, references, and a glossary. Open Help by choosing Help or by clicking on the Help button on every dialog box in the software.

StatGuide: The StatGuide provides statistical guidance after you run a procedure in Minitab. Open the StatGuide by right-clicking on your output in the Session window, then choosing StatGuide.

Tutorials: Step-by-step tutorials help new users learn how to use Minitab. You can open these by choosing Tutorials from the Help menue while using Minitab.

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