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Shelf Help: Sleep

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The Secrets of Sleep

The Secrets of Sleep

Documentary series following people as they try to overcome their debilitating sleep disorders.

Why not listen to some relaxing playlists for sleep and peaceful dreams from our subscription to Naxos Music Library?

A photograph of some sheet music and a pair of headphones

Dreaming: Nocturne

La Siesta

Soothing Symphonies

Classical Chill, Part 1

Classical Chill, Part 2


Edinburgh Napier University Counselling Team

Edinburgh Napier University Disability and Inclusion Team

Breathing Space

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9am-5pm Mon-Fri

6pm-2am Mon-Thurs, 24hrs Fri-Sun

0131 455 2459


0800 83 85 87




Online Support - Togetherall and SilverCloud

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