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Sharing Your Research

Research Cycle - Share/ImpactWith so many ways to share research it can be hard knowing where to start. Take time to think about how and why you want to share your research and the audience you want to engage with.

You may want to share your research for different purposes: to raise your profile/get your paper read; to connect with companies/organisations; to find new collaborators/participants for your research; and of course to engage the public with your awesome research! You may need to use different tools to reach different audiences and you may need to change the tone or style of your writing. It’s no use spending hours writing an amazing blog post if your audience doesn't understand what you've written, or worse, your audience doesn't even see your blog!

Do a little bit of investigating. What are your peers doing well (and not so well)? If you are nervous about sharing your research there is nothing wrong in starting off gently! For example if writing your own blog seems daunting, why not ask colleagues if you can write short guest posts on their blogs. 

Finally, just because there are many different ways of sharing research, it doesn't mean that you have to use them all. What works for one researcher or one subject discipline, does not necessarily work for all. Sharing your research should bring you benefits: new contacts, funding opportunities, raising your profile, inspire new ideas and maybe even create some fun! It should compliment your research rather then being a chore!

In this guide we'll signpost you to some of the main platforms/tools used to share research, but it is not an exhaustive list. Talk to your colleagues about the resources they use and talk to your subject librarian to see if they know of any subject specific networking sites.