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Research Ethics: Ethics

Research Ethics

Your research at Edinburgh Napier must adhere to all legal / ethical requirements and guidelines produced by appropriate regulatory bodies. Information gained from research with participants should be kept confidential and stored securely. In any research involving human participants, the safety, rights and dignity of the participant are paramount.

You should commit to:

  • Accurate recording and retention of research data. 
  • Following the university’s guidelines on Data Protection and Records Management.
  • Seeking ethical approval for your particular research design eg surveys.
  • Accurate reporting of your research and all the findings without selecting data that could be misleading, biased or fabricated.
  • Being aware of any intellectual property rights associated with your research.
  • Identifying, declaring and addressing any conflicts of interests which may occur during your research.
  • Working with Principal Investigators or supervisors to safeguard the honesty and integrity of your research.