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The Big Read: Scots Language

Learn more about "Detective McLevy's Casebook" and the #NapierBigRead

The Home of the Rick-burner

"Any lodgers just now?"

"Ay, a man frae the country. He came early in the morning, and got his breakfast, He is to sleep a' night at ony rate."

"What is he like?" I inquired.

"A perfect Anak amang the Philistines! Ye're a guid buirdle man yersel'; but, my faith! Ye're nauthing to him. The man, I fancy, is guid eneugh; but I wadna redd you meddle him - I mean if he were ane ye had ony care for - without at least twa assistants."

- "The Handcuffs" in Detective McLevey's Casebook pp. 98

BBC Voices: Edinburgh

BBC Voices

A conversation in Edinburgh about accent, dialect and attitudes to language.

Scots Scuil

Scots Scuil

Six young Scots from across the nation gather at Robert Burns’s birthplace for an intensive week of Scots language and its variety of regional dialects.